housemates / the farmette

House Cats

Our farmette breaks a cardinal farm rule. The cats live indoors. They will never catch a mouse in the chicken yard. They also will never get shot by a BB gun or kill a native songbird.

We have six. Three of those were on purpose. The others crashed here and never left. We have closed our doors to any other applicants. Sadly, all others must move on.

We do follow this one farm house rule: keep a simple, uncluttered home. There’s less to dust or sweep around. The animals and farmette jobs become our clutter. Between the two, I’m glad I don’t care much about having ‘stuff’.

I’ve learned some tricks for living with a clowder of cats. Keep several litter boxes, get a good metal scoop, and cover everything. The sofas have three layers. The first layer is made up of bed pads for the incontinent. Cat hair balls come in spurts and are not balls, contrary to the name.

Keep a few boxes laying around for ‘secret’ naps. Doing so brings peace and harmony to the cat society. Also, stock up on Benadryl. People will say they aren’t allergic and then, bam! Their throats gets scratchy and their faces break out in welts.


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