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Muscovy ‘Ducks’


Little Bo Peep, our Muscovy hen, has been sitting on a clutch for weeks now. She took up under our pirogue boat. I should have candled the eggs while she was laying the clutch because now she’s hardly off them. Since I didn’t, I won’t know if the eggs are viable until she reaches the 31 days needed for eggs Muscovy eggs to hatch.
Muscovy ducks aren’t a true duck. They are related with several relevant differences, at least for life in a yard. The Muscovy are land birds of South American origin. They’re quiet birds, who hiss rather than quack. Muscovy are not swimmers and don’t need ponds or swimming holes. The larger males can’t get airborne and have been known to drown in deep water.
I’ve found Muscovy are easy to are for. Our three enjoy their buckets and basins. Little Bo Peep enjoys an occasional basin bath. The drakes don’t bother with more than a silly version of a washcloth wipe down, using their bills. They eat the same feed as our chickens. The only special consideration is housing. We found they need special considerations. in the end we built ‘duck stalls’, which they seem to prefer. We have a nursery area set up, just in case Bo Peep’s eggs do hatch. Hoping for some ducklings in the next few days!

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