Cows and Bees

Dang cows. They’re curious, determined, itchy, and smart enough to make trouble. Last night a cow or two decided it wanted to sample some grass inside the bee yard. Maybe she felt like a butt scratch on some square cornered boxes. I learned an unadorned fence is just a suggestion for a cow. Without barbs or rails, it’s nothing. So today my friend called to say his cows had raided the bee yard and my hives were knocked over. Thank goodness for tight straps. The boxes were intact. The inside may be a bit scrambled and the bees mad but we can work on that.
They were too frazzled and concerned over the interior of the hive to care much about getting shrouded and loaded onto the truck. The girls are in the garage now. Shrouded and protected from the cold, they can clean up in peace. Hopefully, they’ll recover and I can move them to my home bee yard for the rest of the winter. The cows would come back. Trouble and square corners are too tempting to resist.


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