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A Worthy Cause

Our rescue filly is a joy and a good laugh, on a daily basis. For years, we’ve driven by her herd and worried over them. The hoarder-breeder couldn’t accept the harm she was doing. She has finally allowed a rescue to step in. They are providing medical care for the pregnant mares and soon to be orphaned foals, while coordinating vet care and rehoming for the entire herd of 40 horses. The herd was kept on fescue grass, which causes birthing issues and lack of milk. Any abandoned foal, in horse-speak, is considered an ‘orphan’. Our filly was a product of the same fescue grass when her mom rejected her, unable to nurse. She is now an amazing and healthy pony but not without vet care and round the clock feedings. Please check out this rescue’s worthy efforts and consider spreading the news. The horses will need new homes and the rescue could use some cash for foal formula. They are on Facebook as “Sparky Project”.

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