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Horses are Home




After a month of supply runs and hard labor, the new horse fence and dry lot was ready for horses. Our two girls are now home. Making thsi work on an acre and a half requires keeping a close eye on the grass. Since we’re working with small acreage horse-keeping, certain features were a must. The dry lot, or sacrifice paddock, is one such essential feature. We hauled loads of pit fines, finely ground bluestone, to the site and leveled it. This substrate makes it easy to clean and better on their feet. They’ll have to stay there, with their hay, when it’s raining or the ground is wet. That’ll save the grass for another day and keep their horse ‘yard’ from becoming an unsightly and unproductive mud pit. So far, a month in, it’s working well. We’re in the middle of Virginia’s wet season. We not only have grass but have grass seedlings sprouting for summer. Next up: a small barn and feed room. It’s good to have the girls home and they seem to enjoy being in the middle of The O’Aces happenings. Izzy has made friends with a cat and Luna enjoys chicken watching.

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