Chicken Saddles

I prefer “summer dresses” but chicken saddles it is. The hens get to wear clothes because we love our three roosters. Our head rooster is Hans, a small Belgium Silver Hamburg. He’s kept busy by two youngsters. The youngest being Hans’ look-alike son and the other is a massive Partridge Plymouth Rock. Hans has one more winter, by our predictions, before Eli the Plymouth Rock decides to overthrow him. In the meantime, Eli is a one year old, amorous guy. His favorite hens developed bare spots on their backs and shoulders. This hadn’t been an issue since Hans took over from our last big guy (RIP Nutmeg). 

I do not sew and have no desire to take it up, however useful the skill is. I’d prefer tending the bees or digging in the dirt. The last time I was in the market for hen saddles, I found one online merchant. Three years later, I discovered Amazon has a selection from various sellers. Free shipping! The chicken keeping world gets more mainstream with every click.

I decided to try the saddles from Louise’s Country Closet and couldn’t be more pleased, mainly because these were sold in sets of five. The hens adjusted to this style and cut much better than they had the last version. The patterns really look more like summer dresses, instead of utilitarian saddles. It was worth every penny, between making the hens more comfortable and seeing my flock adorable levels go off the charts.   




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