the farmette

I love our home. It’s a staging place for my work in the garden. Whether its fresh cut flowers or combs of honey, I always bring the outside in. The house itself is unique, built in three stages. The previous owner had a passion for floral wallpaper and mirrored applications. I’m still purging the wallpaper and mirrors but the garden takes priority.

When I first saw the kitchen, my eyes were immediately drawn outside. It took three home visits before I noticed that the kitchen countertops were lavender laminate. My husband and I excitedly got up to make breakfast on our first morning here. We were greeted by a post card view of the sunrise. I’ll never forget the feeling. I still enjoy the view beyond my kitchen as much as I did that first day.

From our windows, we can see our two big maples. We strung a hammock between them and named the trees Jack and Jill. We can also see the pastures of the bigger horse estate homes behind us. I never imagined, on that first viewing, that I’d someday be able to drink my coffee and watch my daughter feed her horses.

My family’s priorities are different from most folks. The year we moved in was a year of “firsts”. We built duck houses for our new ducks, a housewarming gift from neighbors. I set aside one winter night a week for beekeeping class. My youngest daughter learned to drive a tractor. By spring, my husband had built a chicken coop and we welcomed our first chicks. My equestrian daughter bought a horse, a neglected mare with an impressive show resume. A  month later, I picked up a package of honeybees. The cherry tree flooded us with a cherry crop. Those were our first taste of fresh sour cherries. We slowly unpacked and settled in while taking advantage of the opportunities our new space offered us.

Our farmette is a busy two acres. Our chickens, bees, and home orchard share a back half-acre. The other half are gardens and family play area.  The front acre hasn’t decided what it wants to be when it grows up. My daughter has asked me to ‘keep it grass’ for a future which may hold one geriatric horse and goat companion. In the meantime, I over seed with clover and sneak in a few wildflower plantings for the pollinators.

The O’Aces is our small cut-away from the world. My husband begged for the name. I was not a fan at first but it fits. Our bar is always stocked for friendly visits. We buck formality and pretentiousness. Our oasis is a little sanctuary for all of us, an everyday home vacation. It’s a place where a pollinator can find a place to land and have a drink of its own.








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