the gardens

When we bought our home on two acres, we bought it for the view and the little ‘orchard’. As soon as I saw it, I knew we’d bring honeybees here. The almond, cherry, and apple trees were practically begging for beehives. I’d built up a pollinators’ garden in our suburban yard and couldn’t wait to turn the two acre expanse of grass into something more.

In addition to the orchard trees, the property had six maples and a precious yellow wood tree. Other than that, there were some neglected roses, a couple peonies, and a few clumps of yellow day lilies. After unpacking the kitchen boxes, I set to work in the garden. We had to eat but I could leave the rest of the unpacking for fall. I dug up as much of my suburban collection as I could get away with, replanting it in the hot August soil.

Most of those boxes were unpacked by year two. In those two years, we traded grass for gardens. The food plot keeps growing. The joy of cutting asparagus or picking blackberries motivate me to carve out more sod. We use a three to one ratio for progress. For every three outdoor projects we do, one gets done in the house. Those few day lilies are now surrounded my so much more.





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